Decision to set up JIT to probe lawyers ‘attack on Islamabad High Court’-Read

ISLAMABAD: It has been decided to set up a JIT to probe the attack on the High Court by lawyers.

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Athar Minallah heard a case related to roundup and harassment of lawyers after the High Court attack. did it.

The Chief Justice remarked that no one is above the law and the incident of attack on the High Court will not be ignored in any way, you all know who were the people who attacked there, those who came here Everyone was a lawyer, There was no one from outside. I know more than half of them. Those who brought the march enraged the lawyers and those who attacked are all involved. I have written a letter. Now they are looking at the regulator. What do they do? ۔ We owe 90 martyrs of lawyers rehabilitation movement, JIT should be formed under the leadership of a senior police officer, the lawyers involved should be arrested by the police and action should be taken according to the law. Ask the concerned JIT Bar, Presidents of Islamabad District Bar, and High Court to identify the lawyers involved.

ISLAMABAD: Lawyers of bar associations of five divisions chant slogans during a sit-in at Constitutional Avenue in front of the Supreme Court building.

Justice Athar Minallah remarked that there was no need for protest. I have been working for the court since I became the Chief Justice. The present government has worked expeditiously for the transfer of the district judiciary. Approves court transfer funds from PSDP, PM says there should be no impediment in the transfer of district courts, the consultant has also been hired in this regard, the present government especially the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet Are able The High Court directed the Chief Commissioner to inform the Bar in writing about the progress of the transfer of District Courts.

A few days ago, angry lawyers stormed the High Court in Islamabad to protest against the demolition of the lawyers’ chambers. Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court was also trapped in his chambers.


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