Discover the link between increased neck fat and heart disease-Read

Spain: Scientists at the University of Granada (Granada) in Spain have discovered that if fat accumulates in different parts of a healthy person’s neck, it may be linked to heart disease or maybe a precursor to heart disease█ö

University research shows that apparently high levels of protein in the neck of healthy adults either cause internal inflammation or are linked to inflammation. Similarly, by looking at the excess fat, we can use it as a measure of heart disease.

In the language of medicine, there is a special type of tissue in the body called visceral adipose tissue and they can cause heart problems. They are also associated with internal inflammation. But now the common type of fat accumulation has also been medically observed.

Dr. Maria Jose of the University of Granada and her colleagues say that we can link abnormal fat accumulated in the deep corners of the chin and neck to heart disease. Although the study is based on research into cervical cancer, Dr. Maria has looked at it specifically from a new angle with regard to heart disease.

Another researcher, Dr. Jonathan Ruiz, has examined the necks of many people with computer tomography. In addition, the accumulated fat in different parts of the neck has been examined. In particular, the accumulation of fat in the neck of men has been linked to heart function and there is clear evidence in this regard.

Neck fat has also been shown in adults to show biomarkers that indicate an expected or possible future heart disease.

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