Myanmar woman shot dead by protesters, anti-military protests intensify-Read

Rangoon: Protests against the military coup have intensified in Myanmar, and now the country’s minority community, along with Buddhist monks.

They stepped in to demand the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the restoration of democracy. According to the International News Agency, Buddhist monks in Myanmar also rallied against the military coup. After which the gay organization, minority community and other ethnic groups also became part of the protest. This was the first participation of the minority community in the protests against the ongoing military coup in the country.

Demonstrations against the military occupation of Myanmar have been going on since February 1, with the commercial and historic city of Rangoon in the center, despite the country’s ruling army announcing new elections and handing over power to a successful party following an increase in protest rallies.

Myanmar’s military has begun using force to quell protests against a military coup, with a young woman shot dead in the head on Friday.

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