What caused the death of Ali Sadpara? Who was there to put the rope on the mountain? 

Two foreign climbers, including internationally renowned Pakistani climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara, lost their lives in an alleged accident on K2 in recent days.

After a search operation that lasted for about ten days, a formal press conference was held to confirm the death of the climbers.

No one can say for sure what accident happened to the missing climbers on February 5. And what happened to them. But the opinion of the experienced climbers is based on their own experience and available information. There is a need for serious research by the concerned agencies.

People involved in mountaineering, including the government, need to consider whether it was an accident or a conspiracy, or negligence.

Many climbers agree that many of the events in the expedition are unusual, unexpected or suspicious and should be investigated.

Nazir Sabir, Pakistan’s internationally acclaimed mountaineer and recipient of the Medal of Excellence. It was the first to question the rope used by Nepalis.

In a video, Nazir Sabir is seen saying that the Nepalis had taken off every inch of the rope and put it back.

He further said that there was no one in Ali Sadpara’s team other than him who would use this rope. John Asnori was a victim of frostbite, Mohar was not a professional climber. Nor was he experienced enough to put ropes at such a height and Sajid had also returned. In such a situation, what would Ali Sadpara do alone?

Another climber and researcher, Imran Haider Tahim, says mountaineering on large mountains is impossible without the use of equipment.

To climb any mountain, first of all, strong ropes are tied in different pieces from base camp to the top to protect the climbers. Generally speaking, a climber’s lifeline is a fixed-line made of rope.

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